Important Information

Your doctor may have prescribed a Game Ready to help facilitate a speedy recovery after your surgery.


What is a Game Ready Machine?

  • Game Ready is a vaso-pneumatic compression device that provides cold therapy and compression of your surgery and/or injury site to aid in the healing process.
  • This is a leased unit that has been prescribed by your physician.

How will I get the Game Ready unit delivered?

A representative from Rapid Recovery, Inc. will call you to schedule a time to bring the Game Ready machine to your home or pre-op appointment and instruct you on how to use the machine.

  • The Game Ready may be delivered:
    • To your home
    • At your pre-op surgical visit


You will bring and use the machine at the hospital and again at home for use post surgery.

Who pays for the rental of the Game Ready?

Rapid Recovery, Inc. will bill your insurance company. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions related to billing.  (907) 562-7273

  • Depending on your insurance provider, a co-pay collection is dependent on your plan.
  • You are responsible for the machine during your rental and for the safe return of the machine. You may be responsible for a lost or stolen machine.

Who should I call if I have questions or need help with the Game Ready?

You may call your Personal Service Representative or the Rapid Recovery line at (907) 562-7273.


What do I do when I am finished with the Game Ready?

Please call your personal service representative. Rapid Recovery, Inc. will arrange to have the unit picked up from your home.


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